Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bernie's One Note is no such thing; it is a symphony

Why are so many pretend Democrats using Hillary's talking point that Bernie is one note candidate?  

Bernie has many notes: 1, break up the big banks, 2. separate business banking from speculative banking, 3. get money out of politics, 4. build the economy through infrastructure repair, 5. federal support of 4-year public colleges, 6. stop the ever-expanding wars (Bring Johnny home again), 7. end unfair free trade agreements, 8. increase minimum wage, 9. stop global warming, 10. speak to foreign leaders with whom we have disagreements, 11.  create a single payer universal health plan, 12. immigartion reform, 13. protect women's and LGBT rights. I am sure I am forgetting some things he supports, but there are 13 major notes here, not just the 1-note charge that Hillary's surrogates are pushing. As Pat Sorbino said, Bernie's notes sound like a symphony.

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