Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bernie as Gandhi

There are a group of people who really understand what is at stake in the coming presidential election, and also the very broad and very visible spiritual struggle between good and evil, lightness versus darkness that is taking place now within each party and between the two parties.

The darkness, the hiddenness, the lying, the deception and trickery found on the Republican side, and to a lesser extent embodied in Hillary, are apparent for those who can see and feel spiritually.

Bernie alone has the honesty, openness, and compassion to really turn this country and the world around. But Bernie is not acting as a spiritual teacher, and instead as an agent or embodiment of Shakti, Ma Kali, the Holy Ghost, much like Gandhi was that instrument in India 75 years ago.

That little bird that landed in front of and who talked to him, was a very visible confirmation that Bernie is attacking the central, materialistic lynchpins that have kept America in death grips since Reagan, and this was a public spiritual anointing of his mission.

There is simplicity in his message, a true speaking of truth to power, and evangelizing charisma that makes us believe he can pull it off.

Everyone in power fears Bernie because he exposes their fraud, their lies, their greed, and the media is deliberately blinded by their corporate owners to just feature Trump so that Hillary can win, and the Order will remain established, and by this I mean the world order of corporate wealth dancing with federal and state pols and the court system. It is rotten, corrupt, and evil. We all know it and Bernie gives us a way to change things before it is too late to change things, or before it will take a violent revolution to change things.

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