Saturday, April 16, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bernie as Gandhi

There are a group of people who really understand what is at stake in the coming presidential election, and also the very broad and very visible spiritual struggle between good and evil, lightness versus darkness that is taking place now within each party and between the two parties.

The darkness, the hiddenness, the lying, the deception and trickery found on the Republican side, and to a lesser extent embodied in Hillary, are apparent for those who can see and feel spiritually.

Bernie alone has the honesty, openness, and compassion to really turn this country and the world around. But Bernie is not acting as a spiritual teacher, and instead as an agent or embodiment of Shakti, Ma Kali, the Holy Ghost, much like Gandhi was that instrument in India 75 years ago.

That little bird that landed in front of and who talked to him, was a very visible confirmation that Bernie is attacking the central, materialistic lynchpins that have kept America in death grips since Reagan, and this was a public spiritual anointing of his mission.

There is simplicity in his message, a true speaking of truth to power, and evangelizing charisma that makes us believe he can pull it off.

Everyone in power fears Bernie because he exposes their fraud, their lies, their greed, and the media is deliberately blinded by their corporate owners to just feature Trump so that Hillary can win, and the Order will remain established, and by this I mean the world order of corporate wealth dancing with federal and state pols and the court system. It is rotten, corrupt, and evil. We all know it and Bernie gives us a way to change things before it is too late to change things, or before it will take a violent revolution to change things.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bernie's Accomplishments

~Votes against a measure providing President George H. W. Bush with authorization to use military force in the Gulf War. "I have a real fear that the region is not going to be more peaceful or more stable after the war," he says at the time.

~Co-founded the Congressional Progressive Caucus and chaired the group for its first 8 years.

~In 1992, Congress passes Sanders' first signed piece of legislation to create the National Program of Cancer Registries. All 50 states now run registries to help cancer researchers gain important insights.

~Voted against the Clinton-era North American Free Trade Agreement, which we now know sent millions of American jobs overseas.

~Sanders is one of only 67 votes against the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, which denied federal benefits to same-sex couples legally married. It took 17 years to overturn this Act.

~Standing up against the major pharmaceutical companies, Sanders becomes the first member of Congress to take seniors across the border to Canada to buy lower-cost prescription drugs. The congressman continues his bus trips to Canada with a group of breast cancer patients the following April. These women are able to purchase their medications in Canada for almost one-tenth the price charged in the States.

~Thanks to Sanders' efforts, IBM agreed to a $320 million legal settlement with some 130,000 IBM workers and retirees.

~About 10 years before the 2008 Wall Street crash spins the world economy into a massive recession, Sanders votes "no" on a bill to undo decades of financial regulations enacted after the Great Depression. The House passed the bill 362-57 over Sanders' objection.

~Sanders votes against the USA Patriot Act. "All of us want to protect the American people from terrorist attacks, but in a way that does not undermine basic freedoms," Sanders says at the time.

~Sanders votes against the Bush-Cheney war in Iraq. He warns at the time that an invasion could "result in anti-Americanism, instability and more terrorism." We now know that that war was one of the worst foreign policy decisions in our history.

~Sanders passes an amendment in the House to stop the government from obtaining library and book-buying records on Americans.

~Sanders defeats Vermont's richest man, Rich Tarrant, to be elected to the U.S. Senate. Sanders, running as an Independent, is endorsed by the Vermont Democratic Party and supported by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

~Sanders' authored energy efficiency and conservation grant program passes into law. He later secures $3.2 billion in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for the grant program.

~Thanks to Sanders' efforts, funding for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program funding doubles, helping millions of low-income Americans heat their homes in winter.

~Sanders works with Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley to pass an amendment to an economic recovery bill preventing Wall Street banks that take taxpayer bailouts from replacing laid-off U.S. workers with exploited and poorly-paid foreign workers.

~Sanders passes language in the Affordable Care Act to allow states to apply for waivers to implement pilot health care systems by 2017. The legislation allows states to adopt more comprehensive systems to cover more people at lower costs.

Bernie's One Note is no such thing; it is a symphony

Why are so many pretend Democrats using Hillary's talking point that Bernie is one note candidate?  

Bernie has many notes: 1, break up the big banks, 2. separate business banking from speculative banking, 3. get money out of politics, 4. build the economy through infrastructure repair, 5. federal support of 4-year public colleges, 6. stop the ever-expanding wars (Bring Johnny home again), 7. end unfair free trade agreements, 8. increase minimum wage, 9. stop global warming, 10. speak to foreign leaders with whom we have disagreements, 11.  create a single payer universal health plan, 12. immigartion reform, 13. protect women's and LGBT rights. I am sure I am forgetting some things he supports, but there are 13 major notes here, not just the 1-note charge that Hillary's surrogates are pushing. As Pat Sorbino said, Bernie's notes sound like a symphony.