Monday, March 7, 2016

MSNBC interrupted Sec Hillary Clinton’s speech this evening and did not go back to her. While CNN carried Mrs Clinton’s speech, MSNBC cut away after about 2 minutes. But she was the lucky one; they outrightly snubbed Bernie Sanders! They didn’t even go to his victory speech. Why? They were waiting for Donald Trump’s press conference.

Not only did they decline to cover the Democratic candidates, they spent the time waiting for Trump to discuss Trump.

It’s not enough that when given a chance to press him on his vulgar and disgusting comments - not to mention outright lies - MSNBC personalities have chosen time and time again to giggle and play footsies with Donald Trump. It’s not enough that MSNBC thinks that they must carry live every diarrhetic utterance of the vulgarian-in-chief, but now this. This takes the cake!

MSNBC does not deserve our support. Chris Matthews does not deserve our support...or respect. As I type they are still waiting for Donald Trump.

We should let them know what we think of them. 

Contact info for MSNBC:

Telephone: (212) 664-4444​


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